How I Went From Dreading The Work Week To Serving Women With Kind Words

Sunday scaries. You know that knot in your chest that starts with an unfinished to-do list and the fear of going back to work? That was me, and if you’ve been there you know it’s the worst. 

One morning over coffee it clicked –  it wasn’t Sunday I was down about. It was my career.  So I made a change. Instead of sticking with the same old, I started to reflect. 

Looking back on all my 9-5 jobs, one ritual stood out, I’d take time for coffee twice a day to keep me going. That was the Oprah “Aha!” moment –  if coffee is a constant, why isn’t refueling my soul? That realization is what prompted me to create coffee mugs to help combat negative self-talk!

Our hearts and minds need coffee in the form of encouraging affirmations. Here’s how I know that’s true: 

When you believe you can handle anything, you actually do.  

Your mind is powerful – what you choose to believe you become. 

The best part? Transforming your mindset starts with small sips. 

Whether you choose to change the way you feel about yourself or begin to view an obstacle in your way as an opportunity to learn a new skill or prove to yourself that perseverance is possible...

...with Coffee ‘N Compliments, you got this!